Mr R W

"18 months or so ago I sought Charles's help. I was darkly depressed, half-exhausted by lack of sleep, drinking heavily and in a constant state of anxiety.

Despite having previously experienced unsuccessful psychotherapy I was determined to take the route of treatment by therapy rather than medication. I did some research into my options locally and came across Charles's website. I was hopeful as he had training and experience in several disciplines and I liked the tone of his writing and so I arranged an appointment with him.

Eighteen months later our therapeutic relationship has come to an end and I feel that I'm happier, wiser and a more rounded human being. I've no doubt that Charles's guidance, his honesty when frankness was required and his sincere concern for my well-being have contributed hugely to this turnaround."

Ms J R

"At the time that I needed counselling Charles was highly recommended to be by a colleague at work. Charles has set up his counselling practice to ensure that his clients meet him in a comfortable and relaxing environment. His premises are easy to find with parking available on site.

Charles has a great natural talent and he used both his theoretical knowledge and his own life experiences to assist me in finding a path forward during a very difficult time in my life. Charles is a clear thinker and very intuitive and he helped me appproach and face my problems with positive and practical suggestions that made progress truly achievable."

Mr D S

"Charles is a wonderful man; very thoughtful and kind and professional. At a time when I was off work suffering from stress and depression, he quickly made me feel comfortable with the therapeutic process.

I found his humanistic approach very easy to relate to, and I soon found myself benefiting greatly from our weekly sessions. He showed me genuine concern, was always positive and encouraging and gradually helped me to believe in myself again.

His understanding of psychological theory is clearly strong but it was his warm and compassionate personality which really made Charles the perfect therapist for me. Now, almost two years since my therapy finished, I have not needed any further treatment and I am leading a happy and fulfilling life again. Charles played a massive part in putting my life back on track and I will always be immensely grateful for that."

Mrs S A and Mr D A

"The work we did with Charles took us through a very critical stage in our relationship. It was incredibly hard work at times but Charles was always 100% committed to us and never let us slide too far away from the central issues in therapy.

There were, by the nature of our situation, a lot of tears but also a great deal of laughter; much of which was initiated by Charles. I have no doubt that the work we did with Charles enabled us to recover our relationship from a potentially terminal situation and move forward with a far better understanding of ourselves as individuals and as a couple.

Our only regret was that we couldn't stay in touch with Charles as a friend after the therapy. He is a delightful, insightful, professional and committed man and we would unreservedly recommend him to anyone."

Ms B W

"The relationship between client and counsellor is fundamental and as soon as I met Charles I felt at ease and I knew I would be able to talk to him. Charles was both practical and empathic allowing me to work through a number of issues at my own pace.

He is highly intuitive and it was much easier than I expected to go on the necessary journey of self discovery. His style of counselling was interactive - which I found more valuable than the one-way conversations I had previously experienced - without being intrusive or guiding me in one direction or another.

His sessions gave me a chance to focus on myself for a change and to put my past in context so that I could shape my future in a more meaningful and positive way."

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