Practice Policies

Payment and Fees

Fees are payable at the end of each session unless otherwise agreed. I will occasionally reduce my standard fees for clients experiencing financial hardship.

Times of Sessions

My therapeutic sessions last sixty minutes and this time includes any practical matters such as arranging future appointments. If no client is waiting the session can be extended by mutual agreement and the fee will be adjusted pro rata.


Commitment is important to both of us. Please give as much notice as possible if you need to change or cancel an appointment leaving an answerphone message if you cannot speak to me directly. Late cancellation may incur a cancellation fee.

Duration of Therapy

After our initial assessment session we will agree on either short-term work (1-5 sessions), medium-term work (1-15 sessions) or long-term work (six months or more). I am experienced in short-term brief therapy and in solution-focused counselling and in long-term psychotherapy. The duration of therapy is always open to review but generally speaking the longer we have worked together the longer we will need to spend on 'endings' and unfinished business.


Anything you say or do during our sessions is held in complete confidence. You are not bound by confidentiality and you can talk to anyone you wish to about the work that we do together.

What Is Therapy?

Therapy provides lasting change. It alleviates symptoms and helps and encourages you to build the positive inner resilience and confidence that is needed to manage every aspect of your daily life effectively. Therapy provides a private setting where you can explore your feelings and beliefs; a collaborative, analytical dialogue that prompts revelation and insight and a strong ally - your therapist - on whom you can rely for objectivity, loyalty and support.

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