Neuro-linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming encompasses the two most influential components of human experience: neurology: our sensory experience of the world which is translated into thoughts, feelings and behaviour and linguistic: understanding and using language helps us to make sense of the world we live in and it enables us to share our conceptualised experiences with others.

Neuro-linguistic programming was originated by John Grinder, whose background was in linguistics and Richard Bandler, whose background was in mathematics and gestalt therapy. Together they looked for models of human excellence and their three role models where Fritz Pearls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson. Pearls founded gestalt therapy; Virginia Satir was an internationally renowned and innovative family therapist and Erickson was one of the most influential psychiatrists of his generation and the founder of modern hypnosis.

Using these three models of excellence they developed their own approach to understanding and solving people problems which they called neuro-linguistic programming. Over the years neuro-linguistic programming has developed some very powerful tools and skills for communication and change in a wide range of professional areas including counselling and psychotherapy, education, health care and health education, creativity, the judiciary, management, sales, leadership and parenting.

NLP can help you to put your problems behind you and make them a thing of the past.

I am now offering neuro-linguistc programming [NLP] as part of my therapeutic service. NLP is a dynamic series of techniques that can help with phobias, unhelpful and unwanted habits and enhance perfromance in a number of areas such as public speaking.

Give me a call for more infromation on how NLP can help you.

Charles Davision, Psychotherapy and Stress Management
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