How I can help.

Are you 'new' to the idea of using talking therapies to help you to over come your problems?

These days all kinds of people are seeking help and support through talking and other dynamic and innovative therapies. Until relatively recently it was thought odd, weak or un-British to seek professional support to help resolve issues or experiences that left us feeling depressed, stressed, alienated or bereft. Surely our families or friends should support us through those times in life when we felt defeated, crushed, helpless or even suicidal? In an ideal world that would be true but the reality for many people is that their families and friends do not have the patience, the time, the inclination, the resources or the skill to help them through those times in life when they are at their lowest ebb; at their most needy. Often our issues are too painful to be shared with those closest to us; and often, ironically, those closest to us are the cause or the medium through which our problems are revealed or magnified.

Every relationship - no matter how selfless - has to ultimately take account of both participants. Put bluntly we all have to put our own needs first sometimes. The exception to this rule is the relationship between you and your therapist. Your therapy is about your needs; not those of your therapist. This is one of the key and unique features of your relationship with your therapist. Your therapist is your blank canvass on which you paint the landscape of your life. A skilled helper can provide the support and the environment within which you can find the answers to your problems.

Among the clients that I have worked with and helped are policemen and woman, airline pilots, doctors, businessmen/women, a thatcher, construction engineers, senior civil servants, artisans, homemakers, an electrician, helicopter pilots, managers, military personnel, carpenters, local government officials, nurses, oil rig workers and many others. In other words people from all walks of life and backgrounds - regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or life-experience - can be helped and supported by psychotherapy.

What sort of problems or issues can be helped by therapy?

The short answer is anything that distresses or discomforts you. Anything that keeps you awake at night or intrudes on your daily living and well-being. Some issues need minor adjustments; whilst others can be life threatening and need longer-term support. Here are some of the issues that clients have brought to me:

Addiction, adoption-related issues, alcohol and drug misuse, anger management issues, anxiety, bereavement, childless marriages, depression, domestic violence, eating disorder's, guilt, incest, infertility, loneliness, morbid jealousy, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and OCD-orientated behaviours, occupational burnout or rustout, panic attacks, perfectionism, phobias, relationship difficulties, redundancy worries, ritualized abuse, self-harm, separation or divorce, sexual or physical abuse, shyness, sibling rivalry, stress, uncontrollable anger or rage and many others....

If you need help with any problem at all - no matter how minor or major you think it is - please give me a call to arrange an appointment. Help is just a phone call away.

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